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  • iNetria Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No. 06682739. VAT GB 129617302

Our story

We are a technology consultancy based in Berkshire in the United Kingdom. OfficeMA Timesheet was founded by our director Omer Dawelbeit in 2011 and was initially developed as an MSc dissertation project at the University of Reading. The project was awarded a Dragon's Den prize by the university to be developed as a commercial venture.

Since then we have evolved OfficeMA Timesheet by working closely with our clients, both in the commercial and non-for-profit sectors. Based on these engagements we have implemented common timesheet requirements that are essential for most businesses and organisations.

We have been working with both small (5+ employees) and large (50+ employees) clients to help them utilise OfficeMA Timesheet in their operational improvements such as cost reduction, increased profitability and better user utilisation.

Our mission is to provide an efficient and cost effective time tracking solution to Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs). Our motto is to help our clients record, visualise and analyse.